Warriors Of The Oblivion
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 warrioryoo el ladron / warrioryoo the thief

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PostSubject: warrioryoo el ladron / warrioryoo the thief   Sun Aug 17, 2008 11:40 pm

este gilipollas por asi decirlo nos ha desvalijado el antiguo banco de la guild teniamos 12k y se lo llevo todo asi q si lo veis cosa q espero q los GMS lo hechen del servidor pa siempre ,a usado un hack porq era iniciado y solo podia quitar 10 de oro por dia y se ha llevado todo.

This arsehole for call him a name stolen from our old guild bank 12k and them leave the guild ,he use a hack because he was initiate and only can take 10g per day ,he been report to the server forum hopely they ban his account for ever.
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warrioryoo el ladron / warrioryoo the thief
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